A rural and coastal research & development company committed to provide solutions to the problems of farmers and industry in the primary sector.


The technical staff is composed of engineers specialized in agronomy, forestry, life sciences and biotechnology.

Following the needs of our clients they design the projects and tests needed and evaluate the results.

Our collaborators are professional farmers and engineers who help by setting up the field tests and collecting data.

Both technicians and collaborators are an important part of INNOVAGRO and we are proud of their extensive field experience.


We have at your disposal a full array of specialized assets of field and laboratory testing equipment. Our focus on mobility and precision allows us to have them where they are needed.
  • Laboratory instruments
  • Application equipment
  • Data collection and harvesting


INNOVAGRO is based in the Northwest of the Iberian peninsula. A lush, green landscape patched with crop fields, forests, meadows, grasslands, orchards and vineyards.

With our teams based in León, Rioja and Valencia we cover Spain's main climates and crops.